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What Is Amazon Prime Day? The Top 5 In 2019

One of the largest retail holidays of the year Amazon Prime Day offers site wide, lowest ever deals, exclusive to Amazon Prime members. The first Amazon Prime Day was created in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary. Since that day nearly six six years ago the event has become a highly competitive and anticipated annual event that is globally celebrated. Amazon Prime Day has become so competitive in pricing that one could say it outshines Black Friday. This a retail holiday you do not want to miss. The ways you can save money on Amazon are endless with deals throughout all of Amazon, from Products, to services, and even memberships. The attention and participation in Amazon Prime Day 2019 was so extreme that even other retail places brought their price down in competition with Amazon. The sales are for Prime members but if you are not a member yet it is easy to become one and at a reasonable price. The cost being just $99 for the year with a free 30 day trial option. The benefits and free 2 day shipping make it worth your while. These being just a few ways you can save money with Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 was July 15th lasting two days. The sale was so large there were new deals every few minutes and the site wide sale lasted 48 hours. The top sale product for Prime Day 2019 varied from subscriptions, to tech products, and even a water filtration product. The savings were massive and the amount of sales were more than 175 million products worldwide. With results like that you can’t deny that Amazon Prime Day is can’t miss, global, retail event. Here are the top 5 best sell products in Prime Day 2019.

Kindle Unlimited Membership

Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Music Unlimited

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Echo Dot

TheKindle Unlimited is a subscription membership similar to Netflix but for ebooks. With the Kindle Unlimited Membership you gain access to more than a million eBooks, Audio books, and Magazines. You have the opportunity to borrow up to 10 titles at one time for as long as it takes you to read them. One you want to check out a different book you simply click one of them to return if you already have 10 books borrowed. You can also find many public domain books and often times self published books with in the Kindle unlimited service. The more you utilize the membership they start sending you recommendations based on your browsing and reading history. The Kindle Unlimited Subscription cost $9.99 monthly. With the Prime Day 2019 they offered the first 3 months saving you $30. A deal well worth the product.

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The next best seller product on the Amazon Prime Day 2019 is the Kindle Paperwhite. This eReader offers a variety of features from its light and sleek design to a higher resolution. The higher contrast touchscreen has a built in light that automatically adjusts to whatever the lighting conditions call for. Creating the perfect reading experience. Of course with all that reading you can be assured that the battery life lasts up to 8 weeks and has storage for 1,100 books. The best part is that the Paperwhite has 62% more pixels for sharper resolution and 25% greater contrast for a sharp, dark text. The eReader providing crisp resolution with no glare. Along with built in wifi you can alternate seamlessly between reading and listening. The total savings on this device was $45 on the Prime Day 2019.

Another great subscription service that was a top item last year is Amazon Music Unlimited. With this music streaming platform you get to have access to over 50 million songs. Not to mention the option of full albums as well as thousands of playlists. Features available with Amazon Music Unlimited include add free listening, unlimited free downloads, offline streaming, use anywhere with any device, and Alexa compatibility. The price for Amazon Music Unlimited is $7.99 a month. On Amazon Prime Day in 2019 they offered 4 months for .99 cents, saving you $28. An incredible chance to try out

a great new streaming provider.

Now for a surprising product that managed to reach the top selling products list on Prime Day last year. We have the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter an ultimate survival tool used and tested all over the world. This personal straw filter is great for extreme outdoor sports, emergencies, and survival. It has the capability to remove bacteria, parasites and microplastics. The LifeStraw is durable, extremely light, and can filter 1,000 gallons, enough drinking

water for one person for up to 5 years. Last year on Prime Day this was offered for under $10 with the normal list price at $17. A 45% savings on a highly essential survival tool.

Finally we have the Echo Dot that was undoubtedly a top selling item last year with just over 50% savings. The Echo Dot cost only $22 during the Prime Day 2019 sale. The device is a smart speaker with Alexa voice control. It also has the availability to perform calls using Alexa and control other compatible smart home devices. Accessing music, podcast, news, information all with prompting of your voice. This deal is all about ease and convenience.

The upcoming Prime Day for 2020 is anticipated to off many similar extraordinary deals, allowing you to continue to save money on amazon. We can expect a variety of deals including Fire TV Sticks, MacBooks, TVs, appliances, and so many more items. Of course we can anticipate that Amazon products will be discounted far greater than others. With items like the Fire Stick reaching more than half off. Speculation is that Prime Day 2020 will be just as spectacular as the years preceding it.

Amazon Prime Day is celebrated globally. Countries all over the world participating, such as the U.S., UK, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and Austria. Last year Prime deals were present in 18 different countries. The Amazon Prime Day holiday has made a name for itself easily competing with major sales days such as the Black Friday sales. Drawing much earned attention and making massive sales world wide.