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Mining company says train charge proposals are unfair and ‘would harm the economy’ Copyright by KRQE – All rights reserved Video

Mining company says train charge proposals are unfair and ‘would harm the economy’ Copyright by KRQE – All rights reserved Video

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It appears the New Mexico railroad is trying to bring in more customers by cutting back on the cost of operating the train, with the company hoping to attract passengers and money to bring it back into a position to serve its customers.

The railroad is in talks to raise train charges but is saying there will be a significant cost hike to the company as a whole. That plan could cost the company billions of dollars.

Albuquerque Train and Commuter has proposed a one cent per-mile train increase for its trains. The proposed hike would come with an increase in the number of seats on the train.

“Our first option is to reduce that, increase the number of passengers, and that doesn’t seem to be the most prudent one, which is the train charges,” said Eric Schoen, chairman of Albuquerque Train and Commuter.

So Albuquerque Train and Commuter is proposing to reduce the price it pays by an additional one cent per mile per train, potentially adding up to $8 per passenger. That would put the rail company on a path to be one penny less expensive to operate for each additional mile.

Schoen says this will help the company in two ways, but has not specifie우리카지노d what they could be. He says it will help reduce costs but the most direct benefit to the economy would be to bring in more customers and thus increase revenue.

The state Department of Transportation says their price increase to be implemented under current law is 1 cent per mile per train, but also points out that the state allows the cost to be set by the railroad for each mile, and then adjust it at the end of the day. In an emailed statement the Department of Transportation says this is how they approach it, and says it has “commented with railroad companies frequently on their proposal to allow the cost to be set at the end of each run.”

The Department of Transportation says even though there are no plans to do this, it will be used to더킹카지노 decide when the state will consider a change to railroad law.

Railroa바카라d company spokesman Eric Schoen says this will have a positive impact on the people of Albuquerque and helps keep freight on the ground.

“If it was up to me it would probably have to be up to the railroad company. And certainly I’m sure the people of Albuquerque could benefit,” said Schoe