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Hockey defends temporary visas after doctors arrest in Ontario

Hockey defends temporary visas after doctors arrest in Ontario

B.C. has suspended the approval of temporary visas issued to U.S.-born doctors working in Canada. The province announced the decisio바카라사이트n Thursday night.

It is the first time since 2012 that the province is reviewing the process for granting temporary U.S. resident doct바카라or and physician assistant visas.

Last September, the Canadian Health Minister ordered the government to give Ottawa “as much information, to ensure that our doctor workforce is being protected” against future terrorist attacks.

Immigration authorities arrested Dr. Richard Zahn, 52, and Dr. Kevin Lee-Vanni, 35, in Toronto’s downtown area earlier this month, charged with six counts of dangerous operation of a controlled substance and five counts of breach of the peace, a charge they denied.

Canadian doctors are on pace for a record 463,000 temporary visas issued in 2013, about the더킹카지노 same as in 2011, according to the latest government figures. That figure is expected to climb over the next five years, as more U.S. doctors from outside the country come to Canada for jobs, teaching and other employment.

The Health Minister says that many of those in Canada are young doctors in their late 40s and 50s, who came to Canada with hopes of becoming health-care providers.