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Best Portable Generators Buyer Guide

Portable generators are commonly used to provide electricity where convectional electric supply is not possible. They are also used to supply electric in case of power outage. There are different types of portable generators in the market and the buyer should choose the best portable generator that will meet the power demand for their homes.

  1. The Portable Gas Generator

These are less expensive compared to other types of portable generators and their key feature is that they provide power for a relatively longer time especially in case of power outage. Due to their portability they can be moved from one place to another easily. They are also available in different sizes depending on the power output required. However, they consume a lot of fuel and also they are very noisy.

  1. The Portable Propane Generators

These are other types of portable generators and their characteristic feature is the use of propane as the fuel. They have air or liquid cooled variants. This generator is popular as its exhaust gases are environmental friendly. Some of the major drawbacks to this type of generator include short running time, the risks and hazards inherent from storing propane gas which is highly explosive and also propane gas is expensive compared to other fuel types.

  1. The Portable Diesel Generator

These are the most commonly used type of portable generators and are available in different sizes depending on the capacities of power required. They are more reliable ad their unique feature is the use of diesel fuel. The portable diesel generators have no spark plugs/wires and thus fewer maintenance costs. They also have high efficiency and their engines last longer. However these generators are expensive and they produce relatively high noises.

Best portable generator review indicate that buyers wishing to buy generators should ensure that they are aware of the wattage demand in their homes. The wattage requirements in a home should be less or equal to the generators output wattage. The portable generators come in different sizes and also capacities to suit the power demand. Cost is also a key factor to consider when buying a portable generator since the prices vary depending on the size and the type.

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