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Baby Monitor Buying Guide for You and Your Family

Baby monitors are considered a necessity for many parents.They not only provide a form of safety for your child but comfort that as a parent; the baby monitor will make you aware of any problems that you can tend to immediately.

Sound only baby monitors

There are many forms of baby monitors available on the market. They range from basic ones which entail two units; one which is placed near the baby which picks up sound and the other which can be taken into another room allowing the sound to be heard, particularly if the baby is crying. These monitors have various ranges on them covering anywhere up to several hundred feet. However with sound only monitors, you can find yourself checking on the baby very often if you are unsure of what you have heard, and if there are other children in the house it can be hard to differentiate between noises coming from other children or rooms nearby.

Video and sound baby monitor

Other baby monitors have a video function. This allows a camera to film your child sleeping whilst you can watch from another room. This is particularly good if you are unsure of certain noises on the sound only monitor, meaning you can see exactly what your child is doing or if they are asleep giving you complete peace of mind.
The sound on the baby video monitors can also be turned on or off depending if you prefer to just have the video playing. This is ideal if you are watching television or talking and do not wish to be disturbed by the sound on the monitor. Many monitors have a visual function where a light or series of lights will flash when sound or movement is picked up on the main unit. This can then be placed in your line of sight, ensuring you see the lights flash whilst working or busy in another area of the home.

Motion detection baby monitor

Other monitors have movement sensors too, which senses the movement of your baby in the cot using a movement pad which can be placed beneath the mattress. This is connected to the main unit and flashes or beeps if unusual movement is sensed. This could be in the event of the baby waking or in some cases helps to reassure parents that their baby is breathing ok. This form of monitor is particularly good for parents who are concerned about the risk of cot death.

Depending on your needs, depends on the best type of baby monitor you may need. Your budget also needs to be taken into consideration, and baby video monitors with a large wireless range and sound and vision options can prove to be very expensive. However if you have concerns and feel the video aspect of the baby monitor will be beneficial then there are versions with a lower range and less features which prove very good value for money.
Essentially it is important to consider a baby monitor for your home, due to the variety of safety features and for your own peace of mind.

Depending on the size of your home etc depends on the size of wireless range you may need and you also need to consider other features available. However many retailers are happy to discuss these options with you and find the most suitable baby monitor for your needs.

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