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Amazon Prime Review: Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

Since the year 2000 Amazon has cemented itself as the world’s largest online retailer. There are premium service Amazon prime has become more and more popular, which has led many people to wonder is amazon prime worth it. At $119 a year, the service is not exactly cheap but it is also not too outrageous either. Whether or not the service is worth it to you depends on what you are looking to get out of it.

Amazon Prime Review: Benefits of Amazon Prime

The decision to join Amazon Prime come down to its benefits. There are numerous benefits to being a member of Amazon Prime. Not only does it come with free shipping but it also has a myriad of other features and services included. Whether or not it is worth it to you depends on how often you will use these services and how much value you place in them as well. Here’s a quick list of some of the key benefits that are included with a Prime membership.

Key Features and Benefits of Amazon Prime

  • Amazon Prime Shipping
  • Amazon Prime Photo
  • Amazon Prime Books
  • Amazon Prime Lighting Deals
  • Amazon Prime Music
  • Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Shipping
Amazon prime shipping allows you to purchase anything on Amazon and as long as it is fulfilled by Amazon you can get free two-day shipping or reduced-price one-day shipping. Recently they even began to offer same-day shipping in certain areas. With Amazon prime only costing $119 each year if you ordered at least one package month then it is more than likely going to be worth it for you to become a member. That is because shipping typically costs at least 8$ if you are not a prime member. However, not only is prime shipping free it is also much quicker. It can take up to a week whereas prime shipping is within two days. If you would like to receive your package is much faster than a prime membership might be worth the cost for you to join Amazon Prime. Now let’s look at some of the other less well-known services they offer that are included with the membership.

Amazon Prime Photo
Cloud storage has become very popular and more and more companies are offering services that charge for them. Most of these companies charge roughly $10 per month such as Apple and Google. Now for this price with these companies, you do receive a significant amount of storage space up to 2 TB. Amazon gives you a 5 GB storage allotment included for video and unlimited photo storage.

Amazon Prime Books
Most books on Amazon will sell for roughly 6-7$ a piece. If you are a gracious reader and happened to read more than two books each month then the included selection of Amazon prime free reading material would pay for itself over the course of the year. It is really nice for them to offer this included all of the other benefits that the service provides to its users. You can read these books on the nearly any smart device including phones and tablets.

Amazon Lighting Deals
One of the biggest benefits of being a member prime is Amazon’s lightning deals as well as other special offers and discounts for Prime members. Amazon actually has an entire selection of products that are available only to Amazon Prime members which you can peruse at your leisure on their website. Some of the deals that you will find on these lightning deals are quite substantial and can save you a significant amount of money. Especially for Amazon Prime day, the discount is so huge in this once per year event.

Amazon Prime Music
this is Amazon’s premium music service which allows you to stream over 2 million songs without any kind of advertisement. There are obviously other streaming music services out there and most of the top service providers charge roughly 9 dollars or $10 a month. This means that for the same price that you would pay to get only streaming service with other companies you can access to a huge music library and all of the other benefits that come with membership.

Amazon Prime Video
Now let’s compare Amazon’s video service with some of the other leading streaming service providers. Netflix charges nearly 9 dollars a month or over $100 a year. Who is also comparably priced. That means that if you had a Netflix membership for a whole year you are essentially paying the same cost as a prime membership however you do not get any of the other benefits that are included with Amazon’s premium service. For some people, the video service would make a membership worth it alone depending on the type of shows and movies that they like to watch.


Conclusion: Is Prime Worth It for You?

While the decision of whether or not you consider this service to be worth it is ultimately up to you at the end of the day for most people it should be pretty much a no-brainer. If you happen to utilize a video streaming service with a music streaming service center paying close to $10 each month for both of them then at the end of the year you will have spent well over $200 on the services. For half of these costs overall, you could have access to Amazon’s entire video library, music library, and all of their other premium services that are included with the memberships.

For the vast majority of people but shop online at least once a month and listen to music or watch any kind of video there is a good chance that the service would be well worth it for you to consider. However, before you decide to make a decision you should consider whether you really need the service. Often times people will say that they have made frivolous or other unnecessary purchases just because of the prime membership benefits. Overall this is not a large percentage of people. The vast majority of people who do try Amazon prime out will find that they end up saving money in the long run compared to if they had not tried the service out to begin with. Let’s try it out for free from here !