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Air Purifier Buyer Guide

How to choose the right air purifier

Even the cleanest homes can still have impurities and thus the need to have an air purifier. When you go shopping for air purifiers, best air purifier reviews will help you get the purifier that will be suitable for your home. Every purification process comes with its strengths and weaknesses and therefore you will need to know which purifier uses technologies that offer most advantages when you use it.

The Electronic Air Cleaner

his is the best air cleaner that has washable air filter cells and it removes airborne particles that are very small, for instance 1.0 microns size particles. They can also remove smoke as well as dust particles that other air cleaners cannot be able to remove.

Unlike other purifiers that force impurities to cling on an external surface, the electronic air cleaner captures the impurities. It uses electronic cells to charge the particles that accumulate in the purifier and then traps them on the collector plates immediately. The advantage it has is that there is no need to replace the collector plates. They instead can just be washed in a dishwasher.

Other advantages the electronic air cleaner has include energy efficiency and quietness in operation since it has a very small fan. It only takes about 10 watts of power or less during its operation.

On the downside, the initial costs of setting up the electronic air cleaner can be quite high. This will be a great deterrent for those people that are not ready to handle a hefty price tag. Its rods have to be cleaned frequently to allow them to continue collecting impurities from the air. Another disadvantage is how it works. Its mode of operation causes ozones and ions to be released in the air, and such elements can cause adverse health problems to the people who come in contact with them.

A new electronic air cleaner can cost you about 199 dollars, but you can get others that go at a cheaper price than that. Just make sure that you get something whose quality you can trust.

The Ionic Air Purifier

This one works by creating negative ions that change the polarity of the impurities. That causes them to attract each other magnetically, a situation that forces them to become too large to remain airborne. Due to their increased density, the particles fall out of the air. The best ionizers are the ones that utilize a stainless steel needle point in the production of negative ions.

This purifier is effective since it removes impurities from air including those that are as small as 0.01 microns. It also neutralizes bacteria, viruses, chemical fumes as well as cigarette smoke that are present in the air that you breathe. The air ionizer can circulate throughout your house to get rid of airborne impurities that are farthest from where you have placed the purifier.

However, the ionizer comes with some disadvantages. First, it does not collect most of the airborne impurities that are removed from the air. It also does not remove odors in the air. It does not kill germs, fungi and some viruses; it just removes them from the air. It also does not get rid of chemicals from the air.

You can get an ionic air purifier for as low as $200 and for as much as $500. The highly priced purifiers are more efficient.

It is now up to you to decide which air purifier will be suitable for your home. Air washer reviews such as these will help you make the right decision when you go shopping for an air purifier.

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